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We are on a Mission to Make Cyber Security More Advanced and Affordable to Everyone

ISMAC was founded to create a security solution that would work for smaller to medium as well as bigger corporations at an affordable price.

Our goal is to build Artificial Intelligence-powered cybersecurity technology and serve as your highly skilled security team for your company.


We understand that freedom is what enables us to be who we are and to contribute with one another. ISMAC has the vision to be the main line of defense against any kind of threat, be them hackers, ill-intended employees, or foreign governments. This is our contribution to the world, and we hope that we can make life freer, and safer for those who share our beliefs.

Do You Have Any Questions? Read Our FAQs Section & Feel Free to Ask

SOC means Security Operational Center but SOC-over-Cloud is the same as having your own personal elite cybersecurity team, operating from outside of your company but with the same level of commitment and vigilance as you would expect from an in house security team.

SIEM stands for Security information and event management

It is the most advanced way to identify hidden threats and high-level attacks, like Ransomware, APT Attacks, and the techniques used by foreign government hackers.

SIEM is the way that the Fortune 500 companies protect themselves, but it needs a highly trained cybersecurity team to monitor it – and that is where it gets expensive.

ISMAC is a new technology created by Exploit Hunters. We are pioneers in ISMAC technology. ISMAC stands for Integrated Security, Monitoring, and Compliance.

Yes, our team will look at your situation and determine what kind of actions we should perform.

Yes, check-in here the plan with this option.

Yes, we offer penetration testing/web penetration testing and red team addon extra feature which is customized to your needs. 

We handle the technical side of the compliance to the GDPR/CCPA and other regulations. We have built into our solution the possibility for your company to enable and follow the laws easily. It comes pre-configured for you. Just plug it in and play.

It tracks the attacks, informs you about the need to submit data to the governments, manage data leaks alerts, along with everything else.

Yes. We can customize the client’s Dashboard to match their needs

Automated Security and Compliance Report straight from our SIEM. No need to wait 15-30 days for a report. You can create one yourself.

No upfront costs and no hidden fees. 1-10 days to set up, instead of 6-12 months.

Yes. Automated ticketing system – Alerts automatically generates a ticket to be checked by one of our engineers.

Threat Hunting is a relatively new security vertical. Many companies change the terminology that way fits best for them. There does not appear to be a difference between the terms “threat hunting” and “threat detection”.

Cyber threat hunting is a generic term that covers all types of adversary detection. This could be on the network or on each individual host itself. Network threat hunting, as the name implies, is specifically looking for adversaries by analyzing network traffic.


An active check of the system’s security integrity makes your company more secure, your compliance on point, and updated. In large environments it can take a lot of work to verify every system, however, with Exploit Hunters you will be able to save time and money using our specialists expert in threat hunting.

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