Asset Discovery

What is asset discovery ?

Asset Discovery gives you the ability to visualize your whole network and list all of the connected endpoints.

It gives you a better network visibility, illuminating all of the agents that are present in your network.

A normal path for an attacker to enter your network is many times through unlicensed software.

To illuminate every corner of their network, organizations invest in automated solutions that incorporate asset discovery’s best practices. These solutions should begin by scanning through the IPv4 or IPv6 network address ranges and analyzing traffic for identifying possible hosts.

Once the devices are uncovered, ISMAC’s Asset Discovery Tool can record more detailed information. This includes possible connections the device might share with other assets, configuration, maintenance or replacement schedule, relevant software installations, and usage.

Let you learn about your network’s hardware and software assets

IT managers can use asset discovery as a method to understand network architecture. It uncovers many aspects of your network, allowing IT/Security professionals to safeguard the set-up more efficiently. A sample of questions it answers are:

What is happening in your cloud environment?

Which devices are online/offline in your physical and virtual network?

Which vulnerabilities are present in your physical and cloud networks?

What are the potential vulnerable points where attackers can go to harm your Enterprise?

What are the active threats which need immediate resolution?

ISMAC also reminds you to keep your network updated!

Network Asset Discovery

ISMAC continuously scans your network and collect information about connected endpoints, these scans provide clues that help identify the device, the OS, running services, and the software installed on it.

Cloud Asset Discovery

ISMAC leverages native cloud services like AWS CloudWatch and Azure Insights to collect data from your cloud environments and begin detecting threats.

Network Monitoring

ISMAC utilizes network monitoring techniques to evaluate network communications and identify information about assets that are on the network.

Everything you need to automate asset discovery, detect threats, and accelerate your incident response.

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