Cloud Native Security

ISMAC monitoring cloud infrastructure at an API level, using integration modules that are able to pull security data from well known cloud providers, such as Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

AWS Security Monitoring

ISMAC gives you the essential visibility and control you need for AWS security and compliance. Unlike traditional security approaches that try to retrofit their network-centric approach to an AWS universe, ISMAC is optimized for AWS with support for:

  • CloudTrail monitoring & alerting
  • S3 access log monitoring & alerting
  • ELB access log monitoring & alerting
  • AWS API asset discovery
  • AWS-native cloud intrusion detection
  • AWS vulnerability assessment
  • AWS infrastructure assessment

Google Cloud Security Monitoring

Monitor your entire Google Cloud infrastructure in near real time. Gain actionable insights on multiple public clouds and a hybrid cloud environment with ISMACs AI-powered availability and performance monitoring tool.

ISMAC has pioneered and expanded the collection of observability data in highly dynamic cloud environments. In addition to metrics, logs and traces, ISMAC also collects user experience data for full, end-to-end visibility helping you deliver answers, not just more data​.

Azure Security Monitoring

ISMAC gives you the essential visibility and control you need for security and compliance in your Azure environment. ISMAC is optimized for Azure with support for:

  • Azure API asset discovery
  • Azure Monitor alerting
  • Azure infrastructure assessment
  • SIEM and Azure log analysis
  • Integrated Threat Intelligence.

Docker Container Security

ISMAC agent can be useful to monitor Docker containers. ISMAC agents offers following capabilities for docker containers:

  • Active response
  • Agentless monitoring
  • Anomaly and malware detection
  • Auditing who-data
  • Command monitoring
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Log data collection
  • Monitoring security policies
  • Monitoring system calls

Kubernetes Cluster Monitoring

Monitor your Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) K8S cluster with ISMAC.

ISMAC monitors for signs of security incidents across your containers and Kubernetes — and alerts you in real time.

Monitor, detect, and investigate Cloud security issues

Accelerate and demonstrate Cloud security compliance

Integrate your Cloud and on-premises security policy

Be pro active with cybersecurity of your cloud environment with ISMAC

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