Endpoint Detection & Response

Centralized Security Monitoring for Your Endpoints and Networks in the Cloud and on Premises

Endpoint Detection & Response

Our EDR works like a next-generation antivirus that is focused on endpoints or hosts. ISMAC’s EDR depends is installed on the endpoint and sends information to a centralized database for analysis.

As a Managed EDR, our analysts verify the alerts coming straight from the SIEM and stop any malware threats as they arise.

EDR is considered an evolution of the antivirus because you could record and store user behaviors (User Behavioural Analytics) and events on endpoints. It allows you to stop harmful events before they happen.

It allows you to create a cyber key chain of events and keep your cyber security structure safe against malicious attacks.

Our ISMAC EDR Cyber Security unit is fully dedicated to provide the highest level of response to all of our customers in real time.

Active Response

ISMAC provides out-of-the-box automated active responses to perform various countermeasures to address active cyber threats, such as blocking access to a system from the threat source when certain criteria are met.

In addition, ISMAC can be used to remotely run commands or system queries, identifying indicators of compromise (IOCs) and helping perform other live forensics or incident response tasks.

Centralize Security Visibility and Monitoring for All Your Critical Assets

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