ISO27001 Compliance

Quickly gain essential security controls you expect from ISO 27001 compliance.

ISO/IEC 27001

ISO/IEC 27001 provides guidance for implementing information security controls to achieve a consistent and reliable security program. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) developed 27001 to provide a worldwide standard for information security.

Achieving ISO 27001 compliance can be challenging for many organizations because of its broad scope, especially for organizations with limited resources. Yet, you can accelerate ISO 27001 information security compliance by simplifying, consolidating, and automating essential security controls for threat detection and incident response.

ISMAC delivers multiple essential security capabilities needed to demonstrate ISO 27001 security compliance as well as out-of-the-box reporting templates specifically for ISO 27001.

ISMAC includes the following ISO 27001 reports:

ISO 27001 A.6.1.4 Contact with special interest groups
Appropriate contacts with special interest groups or other specialist security forums and professional associations shall be maintained.

ISO 27001 A.8.1.1 Inventory of assets
Assets associated with information and information processing facilities shall be identified and an inventory of these assets shall be drawn up and maintained.

ISO 27001 A.8.1.2 Ownership of assets
Assets maintained in the inventory shall be owned.

ISO 27001 A.8.2.1 Classification of information
Information shall be classified in terms of legal requirements, value, criticality and sensitivity to unauthorised disclosure or modification.

ISO 27001 A.8.2.2 Labeling of information
An appropriate set of procedures for information labelling shall be developed and implemented in accordance with the information classification scheme adopted by the organization

ISO 27001 A.11.2.6 Security of equipment and assets off‑premises
Security shall be applied to off-site assets taking into account the different risks of working outside the organization’s premises.

ISO 27001 A.12.2.1 Controls against malware
Detection, prevention and recovery controls to protect against malware shall be implemented, combined with appropriate user awareness.

ISO 27001 A.12.4.1 Event logging
Event logs recording user activities, exceptions, faults and information security events shall be produced, kept and regularly reviewed.

ISO 27001 A.12.4.2 Linux: Protection of log information
Logging facilities and log information shall be protected against tampering and unauthorized access.

ISO 27001 A.12.4.2 Windows: Protection of log information
Logging facilities and log information shall be protected against tampering and unauthorized access.

ISO 27001 A.12.7.1 Information systems audit controls
Audit requirements and activities involving verification of operational systems shall be carefully planned and agreed to minimize disruptions to business processes.

ISO 27001 A.16.1.2 Reporting information security events
Information security events shall be reported through appropriate management channels as quickly as possible.

ISO 27001 A.16.1.4 Assessment of and decision on information security events
Information security events shall be assessed and it shall be decided if they are to be classified as information security incidents.

ISO 27001 A.18.2.2 Compliance with security policies and standards
Managers shall regularly review the compliance of information processing and procedures within their area of responsibility with the appropriate security policies, standards and any other security requirements.

ISO 27001 A.18.2.3 Technical compliance review
Information systems shall be regularly reviewed for compliance with the organization’s information security policies and standards.

Asset Discovery & Vulnerability Assessment

A fundamental component of ISO 27001 compliance is creating and maintaining a comprehensive asset inventory.

Continuous Security Monitoring

ISO 27001 compliance requires the aggregation of event data from multiple systems into a single view.

Security Analytics Dashboards & Reports

Demonstrate to your auditor that your security controls are in place and fully functional, having reporting and data visualization.

Unified platform for ISO27001 compliance management.

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