Managed Detection & Response

Get the support your organization needs to enhance visibility of and rapidly shut down cyber threats.

24x7 Security Monitoring

The more complex your network—across internal and cloud infrastructure—the more vulnerability points you create. We provide full visibility, monitoring, and alerting across your networks.

  • Monitor and protect your systems 24/7 from known and current attacks
  • Detect compliance violations and policy changes in your systems
  • Get continuous visibility into threat and risk posture across systems

Threat Hunting

Stealth attacks can hide for over a year before triggering an alert. With Exploit Hunter’s Managed Detection and Response Service, you can hunt down attack campaigns in your network before it results in a breach.

1. Analyze data from your entire IT stack and not just security data
2. Detect suspicious and anomalous activities with machine learning models for end point threat analytics, network threat analytics, user behavior analytics and application threat analytics
3. Uncover attacks and attackers with specialized threat hunting teams
4. Hunt for threats in end points, user behavior, applications, and network. 

Intrusion Detection & Response

Our security team continuously looks for malware, rootkits and suspicious anomalies. They look for hidden files, cloaked processes, unregistered network listeners, as well as inconsistencies in system call responses.

In addition to that, ISMAC uses a signature-based approach to intrusion detection and active response, using its regular expression engine to analyze collected log data and look for indicators of compromise.

Our teams leverage our supervised machine learning algorithms for automating basic remediation steps, and a response orchestration platform that is used to swiftly collaborate with you on key decisions.

  • Contain attacks in minutes, not days
  • Orchestrate your security response
  • Evolve your organization’s unique defenses
  • Shore up defense against similar attacks in the future

Remote/Live Forensics

ISMAC Remote Forensics covers a broad variety of forensic approaches but is used mostly to refer to performing computer and digital forensics remotely in an enterprise environment. It is the collection, examination, and reporting of digital evidence from a connected, operating computer on a live network. 

The primary benefit of ISMAC Remote Forensics tools is response capability; providing a method for Incident Response teams to evaluate the potentially compromised computer without the time necessary to gain physical access to the computer. Running a close second is the ability to capture volatile data that is not available once a computer is shut down, including:

  • Data in memory, such as registers and cache contents
  • Running processes
  • Any passwords that are stored in memory as clear text
    Executed console commands
  • Currently attached devices, especially networked drives
  • Open ports and listening applications
  • Logged on users

Protect your digital assets with Exploit Hunters

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