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NIST Cybersecurity Framework

NIST CSF is a risk-based cybersecurity framework. Organizations can use it to evaluate their current risk and can determine activities that are most important to critical service delivery and prioritize expenditures to maximize the impact of the investment

Businesses depend on the reliable functioning of the business critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems, placing the business security, and revenue. Similar to financial and reputational risks, cybersecurity risk affects a company’s bottom line.


ISMAC’s NIST CSF Compliance Module provides a comprehensive security framework that supports NIST-CSF control requirements and improves your organization’s security posture. Fully integrated with the ISMAC Platform.

  • Highly consistent and predictable data processing for accurate analytics
  • Prebuilt Artificial Intelligence Engine rules and alerts mapped to controls
  • Highly customizable and flexible visualizations via dashboards
  • Fast and granular customization capabilities to fit your organization’s unique IT environment and policies
  • Robust case management features and automation playbooks to enhance security workflow
  • Predefined reports to easily document evidence of compliance

Security Analytics

Continuous security monitoring and analytics for better visibility of enterprise network.

Threat Detection

Continuous vulnerability scanning, threat intelligence and artificial intelligence helps identifying the modern threats.

Incident Response

Automated and rule based incident response to block the hidden and most modern cyber threats.

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