Together, We Can Secure The Digital World

Let’s jointly move your business forward with leading artificial intelligence innovation, co-creating customer centric solutions, and capturing new markets.

Abraham Lincoln

The best way to predict the future is to create it

We understand that you need not lose but rather gain more revenue over the time you work with us. That is the reason we embrace all undertakings, no matter how big, small or complex your organisation is.

Your Benefits As Exploit Hunters Partner

Collaboratively administrate markets via plug-and-play cybersecurity solutions.

Unlock new business opportunities to borderless growth

Manage customer experience, not just customers lifecycle

Offer advanced and innovative cybersecurity solutions

Build trust and drive business to the next level

Partnerships for authentic experiences.

Grow your own Cyber Security Business

I joined Exploit Hunters recently in their Partner program and have watched my brand new Cyber Security Business flourish in a short period of time. Customers LOVE ISMAC (Integrated Security Monitoring and Compliance) it’s very easy to sell as it creates new revenues for companies and is a world-first in what it brings to the market. 

Joseph O'Reilly
Cyber Security Specialist & CEO

Exploit Hunters Partnership Opportunities

Enterprise Partnership Program

This program is directed to:
• System Integrators/ IT Companies
• Datacenters/Telecom Companies
• Software Companies
• Consulting Firms with focus in Compliance/Cybersecurity

Cost: $10,000/-

What is included:

• Training for up to 2 collaborators on ISMAC.
• 2 Certificates of ISMAC Proficiency upon passing the training program and exams.
• VIP 24×7 Support
• 1000 usd in credits to use on ISMAC Only.
• Certificate of Authorized Premium Partner.
• Whitelabel with your brand name.
• Ability to set your own prices.
• Custom Made Dashboard

Executive Partnership Program

This program is directed to:
• IT Professionals that love cybersecurity and want to work in the field;
• Cybersecurity analysts looking to start their own companies before joining the Enterprise Partnership Program;
• Companies that do not need whitelabel.
• Any person with the will to learn and thrive in cybersecurity.
Cost: $2000/- – For limited time: $0

What is included:

• Free training videos
• Up to 30% recurring commission;
• You make money as long as your client stays with ISMAC. If they renew, you keep receiving commissions.
• Yearly bonus based on performance.
• Special perks for top performers, like shows, surprises and invitations to Defcon.
• Title of “CyberSecurity Executive”

Our Company

We are a team of crazy innovators, who are committed to developed cyber security and IT management tools and services that can simplify the job of professionals. We enable businesses transform the way they manage their cyber security, IT infrastructure and compliance programs.

General Questions

We have a full breakdown on this page of our two Partner programs (Enterprise & Executive). All that is required is to press “Partner with Us” & enter your details. Once we review your application we will revert back to you via email confirming your acceptance to our Partnership program.

Accepted partners will receive 20% of what they have sold to the customer and this will be rolling each month for 24 months. Top sellers will be offered our Executive Program and given 30% Commissions. 

Cookies will last 30 days, once they click on your custom link of the purchase of the product following your lead generation, our partner/affiliate program will track this & payout once we have verified that payment has gone through. Ps. There are no refunds. 

We are trusted by businesses across the planet.

Let’s jointly move your business forward with leading artificial intelligence innovation, co-creating customer centric solutions, and capturing new markets.

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