Why cybersecurity is important for business?

Small and Medium Business cybersecurity needs explained!

The advent of digitization brings positive vibes of growth, prosperity and economies of scale for both small and medium businesses. But there are also some demons which are clinging to this good omen. Search results at below given Google Search represent that cybersecurity is a significant area of concern which has to be addressed by all businesses.

This article covers following:

  • What cybersecurity means?
  • Cybersecurity for small business
  • ISMAC by exploit hunters
  • Cybersecurity where to start

What cybersecurity means?

Some of the major players of the industry who have been dealing in anti-virus software’s since long define it as:

“It is the process of protecting and recovering networks, programs and devices from all types of cyberattack”. Norton

“Cybersecurity is the process of defending computers, mobiles, servers, networks, electronic systems and any kind of data from malicious attacks” Kaspersky

“Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting networks, systems, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually designed to access, change or destroy sensitive information; interrupting normal business processes or extorting money from users” CISCO

Watch this video to see how an attack unfolds:

Today’s ubiquitous computing through digital devices like mobile phones make it even more vulnerable to be attacked by such forces. Cybersecurity industry has divided them into categories:

  • Network security
  • Information security
  • Operational security
  • Application security

Cybersecurity attacks have been evolving at a swift pace, a report revealed that approximately 7.9 billion records have been exposed to data breach at the start of the year in 2019. According to one estimate this figure is increasing with a speed of 2x every years. This makes these attacks an alarming situation because no matter how big or small you are, your data is very dear to you and you are willing to pay any reasonable price to keep it safe and protected. This is where Exploit Hunters come in as a savior, as most of the cybersecurity providers are unaffordably. Exploit hunters has a specific focus to address pain points of small and medium business (SMB). Will be to this later in the article

Cyber Security for small businesses

The present worldwide circumstance is demonstrating organizations exactly that it is so essential to fortify their security activities, particularly with a larger part of the workforce working from home due to Covid-19. An expansion in digital assaults and cybersecurity dangers in the ongoing past has introduced terminations in the usual act of on-prem familiarized firewall with DMZ and confided in systems. With associations getting more scattered conditions, appearance to digital vulnerabilities and information thefts has fundamentally expanded.

This vulnerability and threat is the thing that made digital security and safety a need. There is no antivirus programming and no administration endeavors that can protect your business. Small businesses which are now enhancing digitized platforms should consider getting fortified with some cybersecurity framework. Furthermore, that is the reason we are here.

Some of the most helpless touch-points in the digital environment and discover ways to secure a boundary-less association.

  • Mobile Workforce: BYOD is on the ascent, and an ever increasing number of workers are connecting to corporate systems utilizing individual gadgets. These cell phones open section focuses in the association’s system that can be handily undermined. An attacker can remotely do phishing assaults for touchy data, passwords, and record information. Some of the cybersecurity threats triggered by an progressively digital workforce are: Malicious apps and infected devices, data leakage and lack of centralized control and policies.
  • Cloud Adoption: because of the Shared Responsibility Model of Security, suppliers are not so much liable for the security of cloud resources. Particularly with the information layer, where the obligation consistently lies with the client to guarantee come up short verification security. Some of the security threats related with cloud computing are: Reduced Visibility and Control, unauthorized use and data security risk.
  • Collaboration with partners: Small medium businesses now are required to give some degree of system access to sellers and accomplices to work together successfully. Lamentably, these third and fourth-party associations make generous cybersecurity dangers. This could make the way for an assault coming through accepted “confided in association” with approved access from Third Party Providers end and the other way around.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): With IoT, gadgets sent at various areas associated with different systems accumulate, discuss, examine, and process data. The majority of these IoT gadgets send messages to the system with no encryption, which can be gotten to by danger entertainers.

ISMAC by Exploit Hunters

There are many cybersecurity programs in the market but their hefty price tags make them untouchable. If you are a small medium business and you want a cybersecurity program, you might be left out because it costs thousands of dollar and there are multiple players involved to offer a complete solution which makes it even more complex and time taking.

Given above stated hazardous passageways, it is basic to present another layer of security to outpace this fast reception of IoT, social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (ISMAC) technologies. We, Exploit Hunters, are the incomparable supervised security accomplice that will make your business totally safe online.

Normally, in cybersecurity there are companies whose framework is based on security operation center (SOC) and others operate on security information and event management (SIEM). Well, Exploit Hunters offer an advanced technology which harness the power of both SOC and SIEM, and offers one window operations with IoT, Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud (ISMAC).

Exploit Hunters offers uninterrupted checking, identification and reaction to present day dangers. It also provides dynamic reaction abilities which can obstruct a digital assault or malignant movement.

Exploit Hunters give you incredible threat identification capacities over your cloud and on-premises landscape; we offer the entirety of the vital security controls to get agreeable with industry strategies and guidelines. The wholeness of our advances is organized by AI and danger knowledge. Exploit Hunters is the best as far as front line SIEM arrangement and oversaw SOC for organizations all things considered.

Cybersecurity where to start

If you are concerned about protecting your and your customer’s data, there are many options available to help you get started. As discussed earlier the market cap has been set so high that it is usually unapproachable for small and medium business. If you are the one, don’t be disappointed we have been engineered to serve small medium businesses. Feel free to contact us to get started. Our professional team will help you walk through the process.

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